When men were men and homemakers were always happy

Ah, a relic from a by-gone era! Pet Milk created some truly delightful advertising cookbooks in the 1940s and 50s, full of splashy color images, homey recipes and snippets of advice for the eager-to-please wife and mother.

“Husband Tested Recipes” by Mary Lee Taylor is no exception. I love the cover art – a collage of happy hubbies entranced by wifey’s perfect Pork Chop Dinner and Pet Apple Pie! This booklet is chock full of recipes for man-pleaser favorites, from cakes and pies, cookies and desserts to hearty main dishes.

I “heart” vintage advertising cookbooks, don’t you?


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The Cookbook Maven specializes in vintage cookbooks, food-related advertising ephemera and vintage home wares - especially product advertising cookbooks, appliance cookbooks and Betty Crocker cookbooks. You'll find a selection of these in my Cookbook Maven shop on Etsy, along with other fun and affordable vintage goods. Follow my blog to read more about collecting cookbooks, cooking and homemaking history plus hot picks from my shop!
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