Cookbook Look: Mueller’s “Tested and Proven Recipes”

Published on the heels of the Stock Market Crash of 1929, this smart little cookbook focuses on simplicity, economy and “meat stretching.” It opens with a letter to the “Homemakers of America” and contains several pages attesting to the quality, digestibility and health value of Mueller’s macaroni, spaghetti and egg noodles. Mueller’s products are the perfect food “for growing boys and girls” and “high pressure executives.” Even the “sunlit plant in which Mueller Products are made is one of the finest examples of immaculate cleanliness and order to be found in the world.” Wow! There are also cooking directions and serving tips, with some snazzy graphics of Mueller’s red, white and blue packages.

In addition to its beautiful illustrations and Art Deco styling, this wonderful little book contains recipes for some family favorites and perhaps even a few you haven’t heard of: Macaroni with Peas and Bacon, Spaghetti a l’Ohio, Spaghetti Chop Suey, Spaghetti with Eggs, Elbow Macaroni Rarebit and even sweet dishes like Egg Noodle Peach Cobbler, Egg Noodle Pudding and more. Just look at those pictures – who knew frankfurters laid out on a bed of egg noodles could be so darn pretty?


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